Renewable Energy

The Clean Facts

Wind and solar are powering a clean energy revolution. Here’s what you need to know about renewables and how you can help make an impact at home.

“Solar Energy is a kind of renewable energy in which we use sunlight to convert it into electrical energy.”

Hot weather can get unbearable, but have you ever thought how privileged we are as Pakistanies? We have sun light for extended hours that we can turn into electricity and save lots of money.
So contact now, and make your life smarter!


  • Low Electricity bills with opportunity of earning through reverse metering.
  • Its approximate useful life is upto
  • 30 years.
  • Environment friendly.
  • It can be installed at home, factory, educational institutions, offices hospitals,etc
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Money invested is recovered in the first few months of the purchase.
  • The installation of solar panels is increasingly requested by people, something that contributes to the care of the planet.
  • By covering your rooftop it will make your house cooler.
  • Although money needed to invest for the purchase of solar panels is not less, the energy savings achieved through its use is reflected in the monthly electricity bill.
  • Solar systems in homes, banks, schools, universities and hospitals etc, have gained a great importance not only in western countries but in Pakistan as well. This system has tons of advantages and it is a great relief to those people who are fed up of paying the high prices of monthly electrical bills. However solar energy system does not have any kind of major disadvantage, especially in our country.